The SLAB is the National Accreditation Authority committed to providing accreditation services to its clients at the highest level of integrity, effectiveness and efficiency.


While responding to the changing needs of clients, other stakeholders and the business environment, the SLAB is committed to providing accreditation services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011, other relevant international standards and principles. The SLAB is geared to actively and effectively participate in the work of international bodies in order to enhance international recognition and fulfillment of any obligations thereof.


The SLAB believes the competency development of its staff and assessors is the top most factor affecting the success of SLAB, provide opportunities for staff members and assessors to upgrade their competencies continually enabling them to contribute in the activities of SLAB at the highest level of professionalism.


The SLAB as a practice, will continually review its operational performance and the needs and demands in the areas of conformity assessment and accreditation services and effect appropriate changes for improvement.


Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity assessment



The prime objectives of the SLAB are to perform duties assigned by the Government of Sri Lanka for the purpose for which it has been established under the SLAB Act No. 32 of 2005.  The overall policies and strategies in relation to accreditation are aligned with ISO/IEC 17011 established by the Governing Council of SLAB. Equal opportunity of contribution of all stakeholders in policy and strategy making process is ensured and applied in a non-discriminatory way.


It is ensured that the personnel and the committees of SLAB perform their activities and functions objectively, free from any undue commercial, financial and other pressures that could compromise impartiality and disclose any potential conflict of interest.   The decisions related to accreditation are taken by competent personnel or committees different from those who conduct assessments.


Apart from accreditation and related activities, the SLAB will not under any circumstances undertake any consultancy work in connection with matters that could affect the decisions related to accreditation of CABs as the National Accreditation Authority in Sri Lanka.




Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity assessment

Our Vision

Excell in global accreditation and bestow national, economic, social
and environmental wellbeing.

Our Mission

To promote and provide Accreditation Services with international recognition in order to facilitate conformity assessments in the Provision of products and services for domestic and International markets.